In the daily maintenance of roll forming machines, the use of lubricants is a very important part. Some components are properly used and can be used for decades. If some necessary maintenance work is not done, they will wear out quickly. In addition, the use of different lubricants in different parts is also particular about, if not used properly, it will not function as a lubricant and cause damage. Below, we briefly introduce the maintenance methods and maintenance intervals of some commonly used components.

  • First, the transmission gear. In these places, lubricating oil should be applied about once every half a month. Generally, 18 # hyperbolic gear oil is used in these places.
  • Second, the shaft end bearing on the roller shaft, oil every 10 days or so.
  • Third, The reducer driven by the motor should always check the amount of oil in it, and it should be kept at two-thirds. It needs to be checked frequently to grasp the time interval for refueling.
  • Fourth, Lubrication of punching mechanism. The use of a movable guidepost of a hydraulic press or a hydraulic press requires the lubricant to be applied multiple times a day, as well as the mold. In places where it is often active, it is also necessary to apply oil multiple times a day.
  • Fifth, cut off the module, such as a blade, you need to refuel several times a day.
  • Sixth,The bearing and sliding mechanism of the de-coiler shall be lubricated once every half a month.