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Guard Rail Roll Forming Machine

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guard rail roll forming machine

Crash barrier and high way 2 wave and 3 wave guardrail is the most common user the name for this cross-section heavy duty profile. All crash barriers in the world fabricate by roll forming machines pattern almost same and standard, for some country, make limited thickness 3 mm but some other country 2 mm profile also acceptable. So based on the global highway standard, along with high-speed highways both sides of the road should be equipped with crash barriers. W beam guard rail most use for guardrail on the roadway system. It is a cold roll forming product that shapes out of steel coil into the shape of two-wave guardrails or three waves guardrail. Crash Barrier highway guardrails have proven highly effective in reducing the quantity and intensity of accidents.

We as a highway guardrail manufacturer provides the best roll forming machine for produce W Profile Two and Three Waves Guardrail and call that machine ”Full Automatic Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine”.Fully Automatic Guard Rail Roll Forming Line can produce 2 and 3 waves guardrail as customer required.

Guardrail Making Machine

Material: Steel
Material Thickness: 2.0-4.0mm
Main roll forming machine Power: 60 KW
Forming Speed: 5-10m/min
Machine weight:30,000KG
2) Main Parts Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine

Hydraulic Decoiler
Roller leveling
Servo Feeding
Roll Forming System
Hydraulic Punching
Hydraulic cutting
Control system
Output table

This guardrail production line will be combined with hydraulic decoiler with travel cart and leveling system and hydraulic feeding device and 315T hydraulic press machine with dies and hydraulic puncher station with the pre-cutting unit and roll forming machine part and hydraulic cutting unit and output table and hydraulic oil pump and electrical control cabinet and so on.

Decoiler Type Hydraulic
Loading capacity 5Ton
Impassive to expanding
Roller Leveling Device
Roller No. 9 groups
Roller dia. ø95mm
Roller material First grade 45# steel,
Hard Chrome Coated,heated and quenched
Servo Tracking Feeding-in system guard rail machine
Servo motor power 5.5kw
Servo motor brand DELTA
Hydrualic Punching
Punching power 100T
Material MO 40
System Hydraulic
Blade material Chrome
Roll Forming system
Axis Diameter ø120 mm
Forming Roller station 18 groups
Main Axis material First grade 45# steel
heated and quenched
Roller material Gcr15, quench treatment hardness 55-60
Roller Structure Heavy-duty casting pillar
Forming Speed 5-10 m/min
Bearing Japan SKF
Drive Type GY250 Gear Box
Machine Frame stand 10mm steel welded structure

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