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Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

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door frame roll forming machine

Door frame manufacturing machines are able to form a multi-width profile base on a country standard from 120-250 MM door frame width. Steel frame machine drives by gearbox and electronic motor to make sure your thick hard material can form standard.

And roller installs on 80 mm diameter shaft for long time usage by various forming speed. steel Door Frames are custom make to your characteristics to suit various types of wall construction and door sizes.

There are no limitations to produce types of door frame roll forming machine. We can prepare all kind of this machine for door frame profile such as:

Square Bend Door Frame
Standard Deluxe Door Frame
Robe Door Frame
Metro Door Frame
Shadow Line Door Frame
Dry Wall Door Frame
Flush Finish Door Frame
Split Door Frame
Double Rebate Door Frame
Single Rebate Door Frame
Double Rebate Mullion/Transom Door Frame
Single Rebate Mullion/Transom Door Frame

Steel Door Frame Machinery

  • Summary 

Material: Galvanized Coil
Material Thickness: 1.2-2.5 mm
Main roll forming machine Power: 15 KW
Forming Speed: 5-10m/min
Dimension: 14×0.8×0.9 m (L*W*H)
Weight: 8-10 T

  • Main Parts 

Manual 3T un coiler
Feeding Guide
Roll Forming System
Hydraulic Cutting
Control system
Output table

Manual Un coiler    —>       Feeding     —>        Roll Forming   —>        Cutting —>    Output table

Un coiler
Type Manual
Loading capacity 5 Ton Impassive to expanding
Roll Forming system with the feed panel unit
Axis Diameter 65 mm
Forming Roller station 20 Groups
Main Axis material First-grade 45# steelheated and quenched
Roller material First grade 45# steel,Hard Chrome Coated,
heated and quenched
Forming Speed 5-10 m/min
Drive Type 1.5” Chain of transmission
Chain size Japan CHOHO 120#
Machine Frame stand Welded structural steel,thickness 14mm
Hydraulic Cutting Device
Cutting type Hydraulic stop cutting
Hydraulic pressure 12 Mpa
HydraulicBlade & cutter
Cr12, quenching process 58-62
Cutting length tolerance 10m±2mm
Electrical  ystem
PLC system Japan PANASONIC
Length Controller Encoder Japan KOYO
Operation Touch Screen
Inverter Japan YASKAWA
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3P

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