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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

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We offer a wide range of perforated cable trays machine as every client’s requirements, we can customize our perforated cable tray roll forming machine. perforated cable trays are offered in different types, generally, make in mild steel.

so that, A cable tray is a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a rigid structural system. punching tray used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways.

We can produce the following machine:

  • Cable tray production line
  • perforated cable tray forming machine
  • ladder systems roll forming machine
  • Wire Mesh Cable Tray rolling machine
  • Wire Basket Cable Tray roll forming machine
  • Cable Bus Duct machine

Cable Tray Manufacturer
Finished products: 50×100–600with holes punching and width adjustable
Raw material request: G350Mpa cold rolled or hot rolled steel, galvanized steel
Material thickness:0.7mm-1.2mm
Whole line working speed:>10m/min

Machine design capacity

  • Raw material thickness: 0.7-2.0mm
  • Material: Galvanized, Carbon Steel, HR coils
  • Input material width: depends on cable tray size
  • Raw material yield limit: 245MPA
  • Production line working speed: 6-8m/min
  • Working area: about L40,000*W4,000mm
  • Machine components

This cable tray production line will be combined with automatic hydraulic decoiler, leveling system, hydraulic punch machine with dies, roll forming machine part, hydraulic cutting unit, output table, hydraulic oil pump, and electrical control cabinet and so on.

Hydraulic decoiler→Guiding and leveling→ servo-feeder- punching press- —Roll Forming—Hydraulic cutting–Output tables

Automatic hydraulic decoiler
Loading capacity 8T
Steel coil I.D. φ480-φ520mm
Coil O.D max φ1800mm
Cantilever width 1250mm
Perforating station
Perforating sets 2 sets
Die qty 4 sets
Roll Forming Machine
Roller groups 23 stations
Material roller GCr15 with heat treatment, HRC58-62°
Roller shaft dia. Φ85mm
Shaft material 45# Steel with quenching and tempering
Motor 5.5KW+11KW
Transmission way Chain with automatic changeable size
Machine frame body Welded by 500BH H-beam, Stress-Relieving
Roller supporter duplex
Bearing HRB, NU1108
Automatic moving motor 1.5KW * 4 sets
Hydraulic cutting unit
Cutting way Stop cutting
Length measure Encoder with Borescope instrument
Cutting die Cr12MoV with quenching treatment
Die unit Combination die
Hydraulic Pump Station
Motor power 22KW
Cooling way Fan wind
Electricity control cabinet
Frequency inverter YASKAWA
PLC Siemens
Screen touch screen Beijing MCGS 10inch
Low voltage Schneider

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