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Automatic Changeable C-Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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The Main Purpose and Characteristics

In fact, this purlin machine uses the same set of equipment to produce all the specifications in the C and Z Galvanised Steel Purlins plate type drawing, and the C specification conversion is completely automatic, and the operation is convenient and fast. Specifically, The structural design of the coaxial sliding sleeve eliminates the old cantilever unilateral forming unit and solves the problems of the insufficient structural strength and speed difference, and deviation. Moreover, the control system is completed by an industrial PLC and auxiliary electrical components, and a human-computer interaction interface. the production efficiency is high, the specification adjustment can be completed in a few seconds, and the control system automatically adjusts as long as the parameters are input on the display screen.

Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Machine Design Capacity Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Raw material thickness: 2.0-3.2mm
Input material width: waist height 50-80mm, bottom width 80-300mm
Raw material yield limit: 550MPA
Production line working speed: 0-18m/min
Machine power: 30 kW
Machine components

This purlin making machine will be combined with automatic manual decoiler and leveling system, and servo feeding device, and punch machine with dies, and roll forming machine part, and hydraulic cutting unit, and output table, and hydraulic oil pump, and electrical control cabinet and so on.

Cutting Device

The cutting mold frame adopts the gantry type and is made into a whole. According to the length parameter of the input workpiece, after using the encoder to lengthen.

After the encoder is fixed in length, it will automatically stop and cut off.
(1) Cut mode: This machine adopts the front cut mode.
(2) The hydraulic shear type is adopted, and the workpiece is effectively cut to a width of 600 mm. Shear thickness: 1.5 mm.
(3) Scissors material: Cr12, and quenched. The quenching hardness is reached (HRC 58-62 degrees).
(4) Install the material guide plate and the discharge plate before and after the shearing, structure to ensure smooth material in and out.

Manual decoiler →7-roller leveling→ feeding→ puncher unit→ pre-cutting die→ roll forming machine→output table

HM Model
1 Performance Transmission type Hydraulic motor + chain
Hydraulic station motor power Approx 22 kW
Productivity 12-25 m/min
Accuracy ±3 mm
Time of changing size 3-5 minutes
Time of changing C/Z 3-5 minutes
2 Main machine Roll former station Approx 18 stations
Roller material GCr15 bearing steel chromed
Spindle material 40 Cr thermal refining
Spindle diameter Approx 60-75 mm
Spindle side wall thickness Approx 32 mm
3 Punching Web post punching D14 mm x 1Nos
Web post punching 26×14 mm x 2 Nos
Flange post punching 26×14 mm x 2 Nos
4 Cutting Installed pre-cutting 0-500mm x 1Nos
Installed post cutting 80-200 mm x 1Nos
Spare 200-300 mm x 1Nos
5 Control During production HMI PLC (Touchscreen display)
During commissioning Wireless remote
6 Decoiler Manual decoiler Manually expansion
Loading capacity Max. 5tons
Internal diameter of coil 350mm-580mm
Outer diameter of coil Max. 1600mm
Width of coil Max. 500mm
Thickness of coil 1.2-3.2mm
Raw material of coil GI, cold-rolled, hot-rolled

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