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Are you a trading company or factory?2020-03-19T08:31:45+08:00

We can define ourselves as both roles.

We have two factories in China with shares, so we can be identified as a factory.
We define ourselves as a trading company because we do not only supply roll forming machines but also other machinery and equipment. Roll forming machine is our main business.

Do you provide customization service?2020-03-19T08:38:08+08:00

Yes, we do.

Our professional engineer team can design the machine according to your requirements and your profile drawings.

Do you provide installation and commissioning services?2020-03-19T08:50:29+08:00

Yes, we do.

On our side: We strongly suggest that sending your technical staff to our side for inspection and we will train them on installation and commissioning face to face.

On your side: We also provide overseas technical support. But the basic fees would be charged, such as labor, transportation, and accommodation expenses.

What is the delivery time?2020-03-19T08:55:45+08:00

Normally, we can finish production and testing within 45-65 days after receiving the deposit.

If there are some machines in stock can be delivered at any time.

What’s the warranty policy?2020-03-19T09:12:45+08:00
  • The warranty period of up to 12 months as per terms and conditions
  • Warranty coverage activated once Cargo Clearance finished
  • Purchase components are covered under separate manufacturer’s warranties
  • All equipment will be used and maintained properly as per Instructions of Use and Maintenance provided by the manufacturer
  • Customers will perform regular preventative maintenance services according to schedules provided in the manufacturer’s manuals. Maintenance logs must be kept at all times and be available for all warranty claims. Failure to do so will void the warranty.
  • Please note that excluded from this warranty are the wear items: cut off inserts, punches and die buttons, roll tooling, all electrical, and normal wear and tear items.


What’s your after-sales service ?2020-03-19T09:40:50+08:00
  • Whole life technical support
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Operational training
  • 24-hours online for consulting and feedback
How to visit your factory?2020-03-19T09:50:32+08:00

The factory located in Foshan, Guangdong province, China.

By plane: To Baiyun international airport in Guangzhou

By high-speed rail: To Guangzhou South Railway Station or Foshan West Railway Station

What is the payment method?2020-03-19T09:51:53+08:00

We accept T/T and L/C

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